image Coffee Tables & Desks – Liberty ship hatch covers


Here is the beauty of a rare, restored and finished World War II wooden Liberty Ship hatch cover or Victory Ship hatch cover. These authentic and hard-to-find maritime collectibles are perfect for nautical desks and coffee tables.

This hand-crafted nautical furniture is created by the woodworking workshop of Annapolis Maritime Antiques. Pick your own colors! Order your own custom hatch cover nautical furniture today over the phone or in-person.


These covers come in the following sizes:

60 inches X 27 inches X  2  1/2 inches
56 inches X 36 inches X  2  1/2 inches (limited supply)
48 inches X 36 inches X  2  1/2 inches (limited supply)

The cover is cleaned, yet we leave intact beautiful remnants of its history such as use marks and sanded flush nails. The cover is sanded smooth. During our finishing process we can give these pieces a very rugged look or a finished, nearly unblemished look. Multiple coats of stain and final finish are applied to bring out the luster and beauty of the natural wood of this unique product. Special requests for type finish and color are at no cost. We finish the work with Verathane, a water based clear coat.


Each of our hatch covers comes with original metal bands around each end, and with a metal rod through the middle to make the hatch cover even more secure. Lifting bars on opposite corners allowed deck hands and cranes to lift and position the heavy covers easily. Each item comes with a certificate of authenticity and a brass plate with the ship’s name engraved in it.



We have several bases available The sturdy, matching coffee table base in the picture has a traditional nautical look. It’s hand made out of complementing wood and includes a cross member and wedge-secured bracing for a classic look.


Our other base is much heavier duty and is also hand made out of complementing wood, but includes steel-reinforced threaded rod, which is concealed in the base, giving it added strength and stability. Both base assembles come apart easily with just a Phillips screw driver.

Heavy Duty

Call for more sample pictures of the many ways we can finish your purchase and some “before” and “after” shots of our restoration process.