image End Tables & TV Tables – nautical furniture made from Liberty ship hatch covers



Pick your own colors! Order your own custom hatch-cover furniture today over the phone or in-person.

Here are some examples of end tables made from wooden hatch covers that could be an accompanying piece to the coffee table or desk or, a standalone piece of furniture for that smaller space in your home or place of business.

The end table will add an elegant and historical touch to your nautically-themed home, office, restaurant, retail store, yacht club or museum. The cover is cleaned, yet we leave intact beautiful remnants of its history such as use marks and sanded flush nails. Multiple coats of stain and polyurethane or teak oil are applied to bring out the luster and beauty of the natural wood of this unique product.

We couple this beautifully restored and finished hatch cover with a matching, finished nautical base made of complementing wood. The cover is now ready for use as a nautical desk top, coffee table top, and end table top or as a nautical dining table. Special requests for type finish and color are usually at no additional cost – please call for details!