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This is a special opportunity to own an historic diving helmet, circa 1909, which until now has been handed down for generations!

It is a rare 4 Light 12 Bolt helmet!

The helmet dates circa 1909 according to family history. Further research of the helmet serial number (1477) and its manufacturer dates the helmet between 1904 and 1911. The helmet was manufactured by The Morse Company. The Morse Company was established in 1837, making them the oldest manufacturer of diving equipment in the world. Originally, the Morse Company was a partnership between Morse and Fletcher for the manufacture of brass goods at the corner of Waters and Congress Streets, Boston, MA. In 1864, the firm changed its name to the Andrew J. Morse and Sons Company which it continued to use until 1940. It would later be renamed the Morse Diving Inc. The company still manufactures diving equipment, and its headquarters are in Rockland, Massachusetts.

This particular diving helmet has the Andrew J Morse & Sons stamp on the breastplate. It is a 12 bolt, 4 light commercial diving helmet. The serial number 1477 is stamped several times along the brails.

The helmet, and its history, have been passed down for generations. It was first owned by Daniel Dehn’s grandfather who became a master shipwright after completing an apprenticeship in Germany. He purchased the helmet in new condition. When he left his position, he sold the helmet. Years later, his son, Fritz Dehn, found and purchased the same helmet and also worked as a shipwright. A point of interest, Fritz wore the helmet while working to save the Lillian, a ship which collided with the Wiegand in February 1939. The details of this shipwreck are found ( The helmet was used until his retirement. When Fritz Dehn passed away, the helmet was left to his son, Daniel Dehn. Daniel gifted the helmet to his son, William in 2012.