image Anchor Your Home with Aimee: Anchors


Decorating using: Annapolis Maritime Antiques (AMA)

My family has a long maritime history! My grandfather, father, and uncle were all Admiralty lawyers, and graduates of Georgetown University Law School. Their firm represented Moore-McCormack’s “Good Neighbor Fleet” luxury liners and cargo ships running between New York and the east coast of South America. (See stack insignia poster, 6th row up from bottom, 3rd in from left). My creativity comes from the stories and their involvement with all things maritime. My father’s passion with all things nautically related was passed along to me. I love re-purposing things and taking everyday ship materials and using them in my home.

Here’s an idea I’d like to share: Hang a danforth anchor like the one in the picture above, using rope (or line) and hang from a cleat. I secured the flukes with twine and a metal eye strap. Then coiled the remainder of rope and hung on a wooden cleat (available at AMA for $24.95).

The smaller Danforth anchor is available at AMA for $35.99.

I then hung many of my photos that I have taken of anchors, ropes, boats, etc. from cleats with rope.

By Aimee Povich