image Anchor Your Home with Aimee: Cleats


Decorating using: Annapolis Maritime Antiques (AMA)

Uses for Cleats!

Notice the CHRIS CRAFT brass cleats being used as tie-backs for drapes (purchased from AMA).

I think that the tear-drop CHRIS CRAFT brass cleats (above as pullbacks for drapes) make a stunning nautical addition to the dining room decor.

Other ideas for uses of cleats is to get a piece wood as long as your space permits and attach cleats to it to hang your foul weather gear, extra lines, hats, etc. Always comes in handy and an easy addition to any home!

The wooden cleats at AMA ($24.95) work great for those smaller windows in your kitchen or bathroom to wind away those annoying strings from your blinds blowing around. AMA also has a couple of small brass cleats ($39.99) that would be stunning as well! You could also use them as pulls for some special piece of furniture!

More decorating tips to come!

By Aimee Povich