image The flags of Annapolis Maritime Antiques

Annapolis Maritime Antiques flies a variety of flags inside and outside of the store: The U.S. flag, the military services, maritime signal flags, and a variety of national flags. The large and small signal flags, as well most of the national flags, have a past of service on merchant vessels from across the globe. The flags available in new condition are military service flags and handful of flags from larger countries. A popular flag in the community is the Maritime Republic of Eastport and this is available in three different sizes.

Some of the most unique flags are the large signal flags, which kids love to hang in their bedrooms when they pick the flags associated with letters in their name. Adults will often pick signal flags or vintage national flags to hang in their family room. These particular flags are very interesting because of their large size and the wear they show from a past life on large merchant ships.

Prices vary from $11.95 to $60.00.