The Commander’s helpers: A busy workshop

Annapolis Maritime Antiques owns the world’s largest collection of authentic World War II Liberty ship hatch covers in original condition, which we turn into one-of-a-kind nautical furniture in our own woodworking workshop. We also do quality restoration of nautical antiques, furniture and a variety of custom work – including built-in bars, cabinetry, mantels and doors. All of this work takes the dedicated hands of talented crafts people, which includes our own woodworking staff and our partnership with local Amish welders.


workshop 5
Rick bending steel


Ben, our Amish welder who is based in southern Maryland, modified the “English’s” machinery (pay loader) for use by the Amish. Ben needs permission from the elders to ensure his machine is vital to the family and community. They must remove the rubber tires and fabricate wheels out of steel to meet their cultural needs of simplicity and basic functionality. The buggy belongs to one of Ben’s other clients. The photos below show how we use Ben’s talents to custom fabricate our recycled steel bases for some of our Liberty ship hatch cover tables, benches and sideboards.

table 2

plumber bench 1

sideboard steel base 5

When we acquire our inventory of quality nautical antiques and artifacts, the pieces will sometimes need a little tender loving care. That is when our workshop really shines: cleaning, polishing, waxing and finishing the pieces when appropriate. Of course, artifacts are often left alone if that adds to their value and unique look.

Some of our nautical decor includes charts of various sizes, which we can frame in large formats for a handsome display in our clients’ home or office, as shown below.

busy workshop 9

With the right talent and a lot of teamwork, Annapolis Maritime Antiques brings history to life. Collectors and their family will enjoy our high quality furniture, antiques and decor now and for generations to come.