A Salty Attitude

bar sailors

Entertain your salty dogs and mermaids in nautical style with our latest wine glasses.

It seems that the longer a soul has been at sea, the more thick their skin is back on land. 

Life on the waves is full of mishaps, course corrections, foul weather, close quarters with surly crew and equipment failure.

A seat at the bar after long day on the water can feel like pure bliss.

On the other hand, there are the sunsets in the harbor, the colorful slow sunrise across a watery horizon, the teamwork, the peace of a quiet afternoon, the thrill of large fish on your hook, the 1st place finish of a race, the adventure of a new port, the pure joy of travel and the sweet smell of air and water after a storm has passed.

Whether you came on a sailboat, bowrider, cruiser or trawler, when the sailor on the stool next to you can provide a warm story, a cold beer or a necessary tool, you know what your answer is: "You bet I'm going back to sea!"


 Boat photo credits: Mike Robinson

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