Annapolis Maritime Antiques' staff roll up their sleeves for the MRE

The Maritime Republic of Eastport (MRE), the premier good-times nonprofit of Annapolis, MD, holds their famous Tug of War XX event this Saturday, November 4.

All sailors and landlubbers of good cheer are invited to participate and watch on both sides of Annapolis Harbor, where sturdy rope is stretched from shore to shore and is reported to be the longest International Tug of War over water in the world. Tug of War matches have been popular since ancient times, and like the civilizations of old who trained their warriors and seamen with rope tugging contests, the MRE hopes its own battle-hardened crew will be victorious over the imperial City of Annapolis!

Annapolis Maritime Antiques is located in the heart of the action on Second Street and Severn Avenue in Eastport. For years the store staff have dedicated themselves to making this event a special experience for tuggers and fans in a variety of ways. There are other fun events at the Tug of War besides the tug itself. For one, the Chili “cook-off” is particularly popular, with a dozen or more judges tasting chili recipes. The winner receives the huge honor – they move on to a national Chili event in Texas. The store helps coordinate the judges and gives them a rallying point in the middle of all the hoopla. In addition, Tony Kime, the owner of the store, will donate a valuable nautical antique, such as a sextant or similar item, which gives the Silent Auction the maritime vibe it deserves. All funds raised in the Silent Auction by the Tug and other MRE events are distributed to various charitable organizations in the Annapolis area, so all tuggers and their friends should bring wads of cash for food, drink and good works.

This year for the first time, look for a special table outside of Annapolis Maritime Antiques, which will feature many “Unique Things from the Seven Seas” on sale. We hope to see you there!

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