Blast from the past: Eastport shop connects Oregon woman with father's Navy relics

The 2014 opening of the Annapolis Maritime Antiques retail store in Eastport was both heartwarming and ceremonious.


From the Capital Gazette,"Eastport shop connects Oregon woman with father's Navy relics", July 23, 2014 -Front Page feature in print

Excerpt: A U.S. Navy hat that hasn't been issued since World War II sent an Eastport businessman on a nationwide search.

It ended in Oregon, where a former Annapolis woman remembers a loving and artistic father who left behind an unpublished memoir.

Tony Kime and Dorothea Derickson have not yet met, but they've had conversations about the man Kime knows as R.B. Derickson. Kime, the owner of Annapolis Maritime Antiques, had Derickson's fore and aft hat and epaulets for sale at his shop.

The price tag was $4,000, but what he wanted was to reunite it with the family of the owner.

He soon learned the hat belonged to Capt. Richard Barnett Derickson Jr., whose life and 36-year Navy career are detailed in "Walk Back Handsomely", the memoir he left his children.

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Capital Gazette Photo link: Annapolis Maritime Antiques, in Eastport, has an antique U.S. naval officer hat and epaulettes that belonged to a R.B. Derickson.

September 26, 2014 Grand Opening Celebration
Notables in attendance: Mike Pantelides, Mayor of Annapolis and John C. Astle, Maryland State Senator.

The daughter of R.B. Derickson was presented with her father’s Naval Officer’s bicorn hat and artifacts by Tony Kime, the owner of Annapolis Maritime Antiques, during the grand opening.

Photo credit: Annapolis Mayor's Office


From the Capital Gazette "Oregon woman collects late father's Navy relics", September 29, 2014

Excerpt: Capt Richard Derickson's hat is on its way to its family, at least for a little while.

Annapolis Maritime Antiques in Eastport had the Naval Academy graduate's fore and aft styled hat, which hadn't been issued since before World War II. The staff knew it belonged to a R.B. Derickson Jr., who died in 1992. Some research led them to his daughter, Dorothea Derickson, who now lives in Oregon. She returned to Annapolis last week to collect the hat.

Because her father has five grandchildren — living in Oregon, California and Washington state — Derickson wants to give them a chance to see the hat before donating it to a museum. Richard Derickson fought in Normandy, the Korean War and later was editor of publications for the Naval Academy Alumni Association.
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