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The “rigging” of the storefront window at Annapolis Maritime Antiques was inspired by the Swedish ship, the Vasa. The Vasa was the most expensive and richly ornamented naval vessel built in Sweden at the time. The Vasa had ten sails and the rigging was quite elaborate.

The Vasa was completed in 1628 and was state-of-the-art for its day. The elaborate decorative elements made this beautiful ship the pride of Sweden. To make a long story short, the ship set sail on its maiden voyage and lasted all of 20 minutes before, the top-heavy ship capsized with many lives lost.

The amazing thing is that for 350 years, the ship lie at the bottom of the channel in very cold water and it was beautifully preserved. How the archaeologists were able to raise the wreck and preserve it is beyond my comprehension, but they deserve praise for the splendid job they did. The building where the Vasa sits today is remarkable both inside and out and a testament to the archaeologists who salvaged her.

You can use history for inspiration too. Annapolis Maritime Antiques is filled with nautical decor, antiques and artifacts that will add so much seaside flair to your personal retreat.

-Aimee Ewers Povich

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