Salvaging History

Hopefully, you have been following the facebook and instagram posts cataloguing the hard work by the wood shop team at Annapolis Maritime Antiques. From benches to coffee tables, bars with wine storage to boat shaped bars, Martha and her team work tirelessly to come up with creative ways to reuse and repurpose nautical artifacts. 

Last year, Tony Kime began working on a new, larger wood shop space in conjunction with the fine people at Herrington Harbor. In those conversations, he was told about a Trumpy yacht sitting in the yard that was beyond repair, but possible to use for parts. Hundreds of feet of mahogany planking, countless brass screws removed by hand, and pieces of instrumentation and the yacht, Counterpoint, has a new life and a new purpose.

This boat was the soulmate of William Watkins. A native Marylander, veteran, restauranteur, and loving family man, Watkins bought Counterpoint and kept it a secret from his wife. The full story is provided in the link below. It was published in Bay Weekly this past spring.

Bay Weekly

Tony, Martha, and the team are in the process of building a coffee table from the salvaged materials. All tables will come with certificates of authenticity and brass placards commemorating Counterpoint.

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