The ever-popular home bar

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These days, it is more often than not that any home you visit will have some sort of a home bar. It may be a cabinet or a stand-alone portable bar – but there are a dedicated bunch who will go all out. Many build a permanent bar as part of a kitchen, family room or basement. The limits are only dictated by the desire and checkbook.

At Annapolis Maritime Antiques, we help homeowners add the nautical touch and authentic maritime history to their home bars. We use genuine WWII artifacts, our Liberty ship cargo hatch covers, to provide portable bars and built-in bar woodworking services. When customers want to create something special, our crew is on hand to provide the best quality workmanship.

According to a Chicago Tribune article, “First popular during Prohibition, when liquor was often stored out of sight, the home bar has reemerged alongside classic cocktails as a staple of domestic entertaining… For those who’d prefer a unique, vintage piece with a little history, home-bar alternatives abound… The best advice I have, says Daniel Hyatt, manager at San Francisco’s craft cocktail–centric Alembic Bar, is to be creative.”

While we can make recommendations, Annapolis Maritime Antiques will build a bar to the customer’s specifications, and we will even install it. When a customer doesn’t live nearby, we can ship their new bar. There is no limitation on creativity or scope when it comes to getting your very own historic maritime bar. We also carry the nautical antiques to compliment it, such as brass binnacles, salvaged lighting, and ship wheels, and a large collection of artwork.

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