Angle Sextant - The Paget Angle Sextant

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Antique sextant. Market The Paget Angle Sextant no. 801

This angle sextant is from the early 20th century (roughly 1920s) and is made by H. Huges & Son, 59 Fenchurch St., London. It comes in a locking wood box with felt interior.

The card on the inside of the box reads: "This instrument is intended to be used in conjunction with the station pointer for fixing the position of the ship by angles. The accuracy of the instrument and the subdivision of graduation is quite sufficient for all purposes of ordinary navigation, provided that it is examined from time to time, and kent in fair adjustment. The adjustments are usual sextant adjustments, and made by the srews on the back of the mirrors. H. Hughes & Son, LTD. Marine Opticians, 59 Fenchurch St. London."

This is a rare find, as this type of sextant was not as common. 

7.5"x 6.5"x3"

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