Custom Furniture: Types, Stains & Finishes

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We specialize in creating custom nautical furniture. Our most popular furniture is made from our special collection of Liberty ship hatch covers, which have a grand history in WWII and come with a certificate of authenticity and brass plaque. The furniture can be stand-alone or built-in. We also do restoration work on current pieces or use “reclaimed wood” and other items for custom work, such as teak deck grating, portholes and ship’s wheels. Our talented workshop staff can create just about any type of furniture you can dream up.

The thick old-growth pine hatch covers we carry are in original condition – so they need to be sanded, stained and finished. We can construct any size for you, but they come in these standard sizes:

60 inches X 27 inches X  2  1/2 inches
56 inches X 36 inches X  2  1/2 inches
48 inches X 36 inches X  2  1/2 inches

Minwax Color Guide: Pick a Wood Finish color or Water-based Wood Stain color that appeals to you.

Wood Finish: The wood can be Rough or planed Smooth with or without filler strips. A “filler strip” fills in the gap between the boards.

The hatch covers, in original condition, have nails in them. We can leave the nails or remove them.

The varnish finish can be Matte, Satin, Semi Gloss or Gloss.

The steel bands on our hatch covers can also be finished in a customized metal finish:

Unfinished Steel or “Copper look” anodized steel

The base for a table can be wood or steel.

When we build shelving, there are choices for wood: American Oak, Black Walnut, Maple and Cherry.

wood for shelves

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