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US Navy Leatherbound Log Album - USS Detroit (CL-8), Chronicling 1934-1936

US Navy Leatherbound Log Album - USS Detroit (CL-8), Chronicling 1934-1936

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Beautiful and historically-relevant leatherbound US Navy photo log album. Compiled by Leonard Levi Smith, chronicling the fleet maneuvers of the U.S.S. Detroit (CL-8) from approximately 1934-1936.

Numerous unsuccessful attempts were made to find remaining family members and/or friends of this sailor. Likewise, offers to donate to various naval-related museums were declined. This historical time capsule can now be yours. The Log Book contains a certificate "Domain of Neptunus Rex" documenting Mr. Smith's first time crossing the equator, his request to be transferred to the USS Arizona, which was declined in favor of his transfer to the USS Detroit, and his photos of his numerous friends and exploits while stationed on the USS Detroit, while she travelled throughout the Pacific, the Panama Canal and into NY Harbor.

USS Detroit (CL-8) sailed from Boston 16 June 1927 as flagship for Commander, U.S. Naval Forces in Europe. In January 1931 she sailed for a combined fleet problem off Balboa, then became flagship for Commander, Destroyer Squadrons, Battle Force, on 19 March 1931, based on San Diego. USS Detroit (CL-8)'s operations included exercises along the west coast and maneuvers in Alaskan and Hawaiian waters. Except for a fleet problem in the Atlantic in 1934 she remained in the Pacific with the Battle Force, operating from her base at San Diego.

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