Custom Woodworks

We specialize in reclaimed and recycled wood with Historical significance.

Our most popular furniture is made from our special collection of Liberty Ship and Victory Ship hatch covers. They come with a certificate of authenticity and brass plaque. This "Made to Order" furniture can be stand-alone or built-in. We also do restoration work on current pieces or use reclaimed wood and other items for custom work, such as teak deck grating, portholes, and ship’s wheels.

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  • Sliding Barn Door With Glass Partitions and Custom Sliders

  • Nautical Pier Console Table Made from Liberty Ship Hatch Cover

  • Liberty Ship Hatch Cover Coffee Table with Tresle Base

  • Custom Teak Table with Open Side Storage and Cabinets

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We Ship Anything, Everywhere!

We've delivered to Bosnia, we've delivered to the neighbors next door. We mean it when we say,
"We Ship Anything, Everywhere!"

Let us work with you. We build what you want!

  • Standard Sizes

    Here are the standard sizes we use.
    60" X 27" X 2 1/2"
    56" X 36" X 2 1/2"
    48" X 36" X 2 1/2"
    We are also able to follow specific measurements you need. We can construct any size for you!

  • Color Options

    Minwax Color Guide

    Pick a Wood Finish color or Water-based Wood Stain color that appeals to you.

  • Wood Surface

    The wood can be Rough or Smooth. With or without filler strips.
    A “filler strip” fills in the gap between the boards.  All of our pieces are fully functional, yet Salty and rugged!

  • Nails

    The hatch covers, in original condition, have nails in them. We can leave the nails or remove them.

  • Base

    The base for a table can be matching wood or custom built recycled steel.

  • Shelving

    If you are interested in shelving, there are choices for wood:
    American Oak, Black Walnut, Maple, or Cherry.

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