Macbeth 360-degree Fresnel Lens
Rim of Macbeth Fresnel Lens
Detail of Macbeth Fresnel glass
Alternate view of detail in fresnel lens
Macbeth Pearl Glass etching
Alternate view of Macbeth Pearl glass Made in USA 2882 etching.
Alternate view of Macbeth 2882 Pearl Glass etching
Chips on fresnel glass
Inside of Macbeth fresnel lens

Macbeth Fresnel Lighthouse Lens, Circa 1930s

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Very Large 360-degree marine Fresnel lens. Macbeth Pearl Glass 2882 Made in U.S.A. Brass housing with (3) 1" fins.

12 7/8" diameter x 9 3/8" H. (13 7/8" diameter with fin)

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