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Walker's "Trident" Electric Log

Walker's "Trident" Electric Log

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This interesting antique is from the early 20th century made by Thomas Walker & Son in Birmingham England. The electric speed log itself  was used with a paired taffrail log that would allow the captain to measure distance traveled without leaving the pilot house. This design enabled easy operation of the log with larger vessels. The log has three separate dials; tenth of a mile, miles and hundreds of miles.

The "AA" 916 serial number marks it as one of the early versions which were produced until the 1950's.  It features an instrument head with a white porcelain face, and analog counters with black Arabic numbers for distance run. It does not include the electric wire, taffrail register or rotor. This is one of Walker's most advanced logs. 


Instrument dial 5" diameter

Bezel 7" diameter

Depth 3"

Instrument weight - 10 lbs


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