AMA Woodworks

Restoration & Repair Services


Revive your beloved furniture pieces with our expert repair services. Whether it's a family heirloom or a vintage find, we specialize in restoring the beauty and functionality of all types of furniture. From minor touch-ups to complete refurbishments, trust us to breathe new life into your cherished pieces.


Preserve the beauty and history of your cherished antiques with our meticulous repair services. From delicate porcelain to intricate woodwork, our skilled craftsmen will breathe new life into your treasures. Entrust us with your antiques, and let us restore their splendor for generations to come.


Need your clock ticking again? Trust our expert repair services to bring back its timeless charm. Contact us today for precision repairs and restoration!

Need Something Restored or Repaired? Let us know below on what you would like done. We will email you as swiftly as possible.