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Jeff Hoel

Ceramic Sailboat Ashtray

Ceramic Sailboat Ashtray

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This charming ceramic sailboat ashtray combines functionality with artistic flair, making it a unique addition to any collection. The ashtray features a beautiful sailboat design, with the dish of the ashtray thoughtfully raised to catch ashes effectively. The entire piece is crafted from high-quality ceramic and finished with a glossy glaze that accentuates the fine details and vibrant colors of the sailboat. Adding to its uniqueness, the ashtray is signed by the artist, though the signature is indistinct. This mysterious element only adds to the intrigue and collectible nature of the piece. Perfect for use as an ashtray or as a decorative item on a desk or shelf, this ceramic sailboat ashtray is sure to captivate and add nautical charm to any setting.

5" x 2.5"

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