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Chelsea Clock, Mariner- ship wheel

Chelsea Clock, Mariner- ship wheel

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Chelsea Clock Co., Boston, Mass., "Yacht Wheel Clock", ship's bell mantel clock, cast brass case, spade hands, silvered brass dial, 8 day, time and strike spring driven lever brass movement serial

Chelsea has produced this clock for 106 continuous years but no record of this patent ever being issued can be found with the U. S. Patent Office. This omission has not hampered Chelsea in its sole production of this stunning design. In spite of a model name change in the mid 1920's to the "Mariner", this famous design has remained unchanged with the exception of improvements in their famous Ship's Bell movement.  

This clock is in Good condition, running,  recently lightly cleaned and polished up, slight erosion of slivering  in two spots one the  clock face,  and slight tarnishing of brass and bronze adds the patina the discerning collector looks for.  

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