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Toy Sailors Business Card Holder for Desk

Toy Sailors Business Card Holder for Desk

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Introducing the Toy Sailors Business Card Holder, a vintage piece that combines beauty and practicality. Each displaying a Unique Toy Sailor, and authentic hatch cover wood from the Liberty Ships. Hand-made by our in-house artisans. This custom business card holder is a perfect desk decor to showcase your own business cards. Add a touch of sophistication, and a talking piece to any work space.

Liberty ships were used by the United States Merchant Marine to transport nearly anything needed by the Allies. They were standardized and designed to be built quickly and efficiently. Workers pieced together prefabricated sections in assembly-line fashion. This lowered the cost of cargo ship building and significantly sped up production. The average construction time eventually dropped to 42 days per ship, with three new ships being launched each day in 1943. The 2,710 Liberty Ships produced were responsible for ferrying cargo through the dangerous German U-boat patrolled European Coast. Unfortunately, many of the Liberty ships were too small and too slow to successfully evade attack. In 1943, a new ship building program launched to create larger, faster Victory ships with much greater success.


All around 2 in. wide at base, each toy solider varies from 5 in. tall - 7 in. tall

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