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Jamey Hein

Half Hull Paddle Tug "Ailsa"

Half Hull Paddle Tug "Ailsa"

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The half hull model of the Paddle Tug "AILSA," crafted by the renowned LEITH Ship Building Co., is a striking representation of maritime history. This exquisite piece showcases the elegant lines and robust construction characteristic of paddle tugs from a bygone era. The model is meticulously detailed, highlighting the craftsmanship and design prowess of the LEITH Ship Building Co. The polished wooden surface and finely carved features bring the "AILSA" to life, making it a captivating display piece. Perfect for nautical enthusiasts and collectors, this half hull model is a tribute to the legacy of historic shipbuilding and the enduring allure of paddle tugs.

35.5" x 9" x 5"

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