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Annapolis Maritime Antiques

Coffee Table with Mother of Pearl Compass Inlay

Coffee Table with Mother of Pearl Compass Inlay

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This custom, handmade table, has a glass smooth gloss finish and elegant lines. It features a one-of-a-kind mother of pearl compass inlay made by our partner in art, Pearl Works of Charlotte Hall, MD. If you are looking for a perfect centerpiece for your living room or office, this is it!

Pearl Works collaborates with a growing list of clients in the guitar industry and beyond, transforming imaginations into detailed inlays. Thoughtful design and reliable precision allow them to add dramatic art to instruments and our furniture. Consistently at the leading edge of the industry, Pearl Works skillfully optimizes the use of both natural and synthetic inlay materials. 

We hand-build any type of custom furniture and will work with you to design your own inlay made of mother of pearl, natural woods, and exotic synthetic materials. Contact us to get your design started.

44" long by 24" wide by 19" high

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