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Jeff Mitchell

Earrings, Seahorse, Pewter

Earrings, Seahorse, Pewter

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The pewter casting used to create these earrings were made by taking an impression of an actual Seahorse. Seahorses are a type of  small fish that have armored plates all over their body. There are about 50 different species of seahorses around the world. Seahorses range in size from about 4/10 of an inch to 1 foot long. Seahorses can change their color to camouflage themselves in order to hind from enemies. 

Approx. 1" 

The technique of replicating the exact shape of sea creatures was developed by Jeff Mitchell, a pewter smith who lives in Wellfleet, Cape Cod. All sea creatures are cast in a high grade lead-free pewter. 

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