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Jeff Hoel

Rubber Ball Grenade Box

Rubber Ball Grenade Box

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This rubber ball grenade box is a distinctive and intriguing piece of military surplus. Constructed from durable materials to ensure protection and longevity, it features a straightforward, robust design with a secure latch to keep contents safely enclosed. Originally designed to store rubber ball grenades, this box carries the unique marks and stencils indicative of its military use, adding an authentic historical dimension to its appearance. Ideal for collectors, reenactors, or anyone interested in unusual storage options, this grenade box can be repurposed in a variety of creative ways, from a rugged tool box to a striking conversation piece in any home or office decor. Its tough exterior and fascinating backstory make it a captivating find for those drawn to military history.

11.75" x 5.5" x 7.25"

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