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Annapolis Maritime Antiques

Brass Lamp - Salvaged Boat Parts

Brass Lamp - Salvaged Boat Parts

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This unique brass lamp is masterfully created from salvaged brass boat parts, blending maritime history with contemporary design. Each lamp features authentic components repurposed with craftsmanship and care, resulting in a striking piece that illuminates any room with a warm, nautical glow. The rich patina of the brass, accrued over years at sea, adds character and a touch of vintage charm, making these lamps not only functional light fixtures but also captivating pieces of art. Ideal for those who appreciate maritime heritage or seek a distinctive, eco-friendly lighting option, these brass lamps are a testament to the beauty of reimagined materials and the timeless appeal of the sea.

22" x 7.5" 

Shade - 11" x 16" 

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